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Hair Drezzers on Fire

Hair Drezzers On Fire is an upscale San Diego hair salon. With a wide range of creative hair services offered, our goal is to give you exactly the hair you want and the undivided attention you deserve.


Each and every hair stylist has extensive training and truly loves this industry. We love nothing more than to talk with you, smile with you, and help you realize how great your hair can be.


We’re convinced that a strong technical background is key. We truly believe in the strength & precision of a classic shape. But also love having the ability to transform haircuts to suit the client & their style. Whether funky or classic we’re constantly evolving through education.

Our color training really focuses on understanding color & how it works. Making color theory the most important aspect of training, our color team is 2nd to none. Working together, coming up with new techniques & formulas, they are determined to give the perfect color. The color that suits you. From beautiful highlights to fun vibrant shades, they truly do it all.



All descriptions copied from the HDOF official website.